For Referring Physicians

Buffalo Rheumatology is currently accepting new patients. Clinicians who would like to refer a patient to our practice may send records and relevant patient information by fax.

Amherst: (716) 725-6491
Orchard Park: (716) 675-2590

Include the following information:

  • Patient demographics sheet (full name, address, phone, gender, age, etc.)
  • A brief note with the referring clinician’s signature explaining why the patient is being referred to a rheumatologist.
  • Any and all chart notes, imaging, lab results, etc.

Requesting a Rheumatologist
If you would like to request that your patient be seen by a particular clinician, indicate your preference when faxing the referral information. Note, however, that some of the physicians at Buffalo Rheumatology may not be accepting new patients at this time.

Buffalo Rheumatology will make every effort to accommodate the patient in a convenient and timely manner. To improve his/her chances of being seen, the patient has the choice of two Western New York locations. Keep in mind that location selection may also impact the ability to match up the patient with the clinician you are requesting.

Accepting New Patients
The following physicians and practitioners are now accepting patients at one or both Buffalo Rheumatology locations, as indicated below:

Dr. Amar Oza (Amherst and Orchard Park)
Dr. Alicia Lieberman (Amherst and Orchard Park)
Dr. Raja (Amherst and Orchard Park)