Clinical Studies

Therapies Approved by the FDA
The various therapies used to treat rheumatology patients must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they can be prescribed by physicians. The FDA, along with an institutional review board (IRB), requires strict testing to prove that all of these medications are safe and effective. Most of this testing is done through clinical trials conducted by physicians and practices around the country.

Pinnacle Research in Orchard Park
Pinnacle Research was formed in 2001 as a division of Buffalo Rheumatology to conduct clinical trials and support the advancement of rheumatologic medicine. This division of the practice offers opportunities for patients to participate in various clinical studies.

Specially trained research nurses work with each trial participant under the close supervision of physicians. There is never a charge for the participants of a trial, and research-related physical exams, imaging, laboratory tests, and study medications are provided at no cost. Occasionally, small stipends are paid to participants to help defray the cost of travel to the practice offices.

Contact Pinnacle Research
The research team operates out of the Orchard Park facility and can be reached via telephone at (716) 675-2500.

Pinnacle Research
3055 Southwestern Boulevard
Suite 100
Orchard Park, NY 14127